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Full Color Family Decal

How do I create a Family Sticker online?

  1. Choose your category (Dads, Moms, Boys, Girls, Pets, etc.) using the buttons below.
  2. The stick people designs will appear for that category. Click one to choose it.
  3. Next you can add a Name for that member and choose other options. Optional: Enter the name in the empty text box. If you choose not to add a name put a check in the No-Name checkbox before clicking the Enter.
  4. After adding all family members, use other options to further customize your decal. Choose from header, text/font color, even the lettering style.
  5. Family member positioning: Use the small arrows beneath each family member to move that member left or right in the order. Click the Remove link to remove a particular member.
  6. Member changes. Easy. Click on the image of any member in the preview window. The Member-Swap function will activate. The next member you choose, with any desired options, will replace that particular family member.
  7. Finished? When your family decal is exactly how you want it scroll down and review your selected options then add the design to your shopping cart by clicking the Add To Cart button.
  8. Create another? From the shopping cart choose Continue Shopping. Upon returning to this page click Clear All Choices. Then repeat the steps above to create another family sticker.
  9. After your family decal is ordered we will create then email a link. Follow the link and view your optional sample proof. Note: Family decal sample proofs are generally uploaded to your order details page within (1) hour or less during normal business hours. We adjust the height of the family members and tidy the design up a bit.
  10. Verify your sample proof. If your decal is exactly how you want it click Approve Sample and let us know. An email will be sent to us.
  11. That's it. We ship the family stickers (5) days a week. Expect yours to arrive soon!

Note: If your full color family sticker exceeds (26) inches in length it will arrive in easy to apply sections. See our informative applications instructions page for tips and videos. Application is easy.

See the FAQ for a lot more answers to your questions.

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Family Decals, an excellent personalized gift that lasts for years!
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begin creating a custom family sticker now!

Create a Custom Full Color Family Decal online. You can use the categories below to customize your family sticker. Add/remove family members, choose the vinyl color, font styles, and put an optional header or names on your family sticker. Your design will appear here while you create it.

Create a Family Sticker your way! After you have it just how you want it add your Family Decal to the shopping cart and checkout or shop some more. We ship (5) days a week so expect your decal to arrive quickly. SPECIAL: These Full Color Family Stickers are resin printed for extreme outdoor durability. Typically, I have seen them last up to (5) years or more!

How do I create a Family Sticker online?

dad stick figures mom stick figures boy stick figures girl stick figures baby babies stick figures
grandparent stick figures dog stick figures cat stick figures other pet  stick figures extra stick figures
pick from one of our many vinyl colors add a custom header choose a font for your decal clear choice or start over add members

Full Color Family Decal
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