Family Sticker Ideas, Here is few Stick figure Decal Ideas or come up with your own. Creating your Family Decal is simple.

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Family Sticker Ideas

Stick People Family Stickers Ideas!

A short story by: Tamara Graham

One person's opinion...

I just love it when I am driving out and about and I fall in behind a vehicle with those family stickers in the rear window. I find myself looking for them now, expecting them. I'm talking about the stick-people figures that are found in the lower left corner of the rear window. These stick figures tell all about the people who own the vehicle. Sometimes, all there is is the stick-mom and a stick-child. Usually, though, these figures boast a stick-father, mother, and several kids, with a dog and a cat. Or, two dogs. I've even seen them with a stick-fish, a stick-hamster, you name it.

The person who came up with this idea is definitely bringing in some money because these stickers are everywhere. I find a real warmth in viewing them. I have to find out now where they sell these little figures because I need to get some for my rear window. Mine will include a stick-mom, teen daughter, a son, a little girl, a baby girl, and a dog. Pretty soon, I will most likely be adding a cat to our family.

These stickers come in a variety of colors, although the most common color is white because it shows up the best on the windows. To me, they portray a lot of love in the families. I wonder if they make stick-grannies. My grandma turns 100 years old this week (June 23rd) and she lives with my mom. Maybe they make add-on family stickers. I would love to include my mom and grandma. Perhaps they would have to go in the bottom right corner. Hey, I like that idea. I wonder what they would look like? I mean the granny stickers. My grandma is your typical, slightly hunched over, usually walking with a cane, type of granny. How adorable. I can picture it all now. I have to do this.

Some of the stick-figures even show them doing something they love, like a stick-boy could have a soccer ball or a baseball bat with a baseball hat on. Or, a girl could also have a soccer ball. I've never seen them with cheerleading things, but I'll bet they make 'em. Pom Poms and a bull horn, anyway. The ideas in my mind are endless. I just have to find out where they are getting these things!

Oh, yeah, and one more thing. Because we are now very devoted Christians, it would be very powerful for us to include a cross, maybe hovering over our stick-heads to show His guidance. OOHH! I can't wait to get these.


Now...Here's a few cool ideas for your Family Stickers...

Design your decal your way. You get a preview before you add to cart with our easy ordering system. We even give you an optional FREE sample proof after you place the order to make sure we get the custom decal just right. I put a personal touch on each and every family sticker I design. Family Stickers also make a great Mother's Day, Valentines Day, Or Christmas Gift!

fishing family decal

New! Fishing family members. Cool Fishing stick figure designs in a variety of styles.

drawn by kids family stickers

Drawn by kids. You'll see em. Get your family decal the original way...

cowboys and indians family decal

New! Cowboys and indians styles.

family decal space men

NEW! Space family. Lots of cool designs besides these too!

evil ones family sticker

Good or Bad? The choice is up to you. You customize it how you want and add the family members you like best.

Together is what counts single mom family stickers

Small Family or a LARGE family, it doesn't matter! Your custom family sticker can be a symbol of your togetherness.

Crazy bunch and Sun family sticker

Add a cool sun. Just choose "Extras" when creating your decal. No need to put a name under it...Unless you want to. If you like the header like a wave just let me know on checkout.

Wiener dog and motorcycle family sticker

Yea. I stretched out the weiner dog. I can do some mods to the members...just let me know what your idea is after checkout.

Our Team family sticker

Lime green, Yellow, Red. All the light colors like these show up best on glass. Be unique with the header (optional) to set your family apart!

fat people family sticker real life

Ma and Pa and the dogs. Kids are all grown up and its just us. I think the house is noiser now than ever!

grandma granny family sticker

Nicknames or realnames or no names for your family decal. The choice is yours. If you don't want names just put "None" in the name box before clicking "Add ME"

Office bunch workplace family sticker

Family at work! Whether you work at a bank or a restaurant, the bond between friends can be like family. Create a cool decal of your co-workers too!

Our Gang Cool Mom family sticker

Put the header at the bottom if you want. You can let me know at checkout if this is what you want to do. I will send you a sample .jpg of the family design to your email address.

Ma and Pa Family Sticker with lots of kids

Big family. Unique Header. Be creative. Theres hundreds of members to choose from and I keep seeing new ways to do it all the time!

Red or other vinyl color

For a loved one thats passed on you can use the angel baby. We also have an option to add a halo above any member you choose.

The Ass Family Sticker

I've seen this one from time to time but its never the exact same design. Be creative when you make yours. Oh no, It's the ASS family sticker.

Daddys Home Army Family Sticker

The king has returned and the queen couldn't be happier. Check out the new style dog in the wagon too. Nicknames on this one instead of real names.

gramps pals family sticker

Grampa and pals. Gramps is in the middle of his favorite grand kids. Dad and mom don't have to be first on the decal.

full color family sticker ideas

And our full color family stickers for the ultimate look. Resin printed, not ink for a long lasting print that beats any other sticker. Up to 5 years outdoor durable or more! Hundreds of options and member styles to choose from.

Give it a try...It's Easy!
Click here to start creating a family stick figure decal of your own!

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