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1. SIZE (automatically set at default regular size): Choose a size for your vinyl decal or use the default regular size which is automatically selected. To choose a different size just click the "choose your size button". You can then choose from either the minimum, maximum, or default size by clicking the button of your choice.
CUSTOM SIZE: Enter either the width or the height (leave one box blank) to get a proportional size. For example, if you are ordering a grafix of a dragon and you enter 8 inches in the height box and leave the width box empty then hit the "enter your size" button then the width of the decal with automatically be set. If you decide you would like it a little wider or narrower than what the proportional size is you can go back and enter 8 for the height and also a value for the width, say 9 inches. This will make the design 8 inches tall by 9 inches wide and will show the change (the stretch or squish) in the preview window of the graphic.
Another example: You selected a long decal that you want for the front windshield. Go down and enter a custom size. A common length for front windshield decals on cars is 40 inches. You enter 40 inches in the width box and leave the height blank. After clicking the "enter your size" button the graphic comes to 40 inches by 8 inches. 8 inches is the proportional height if you set the width at 40. This is a little to wide for the front windshield so go back down and enter 40 for the length and 5 inches for the height. This will set the width at 40 and squish the height to 5 inches. Take a look at the preview to see the change.

2. Choose a Color (required): Click the "decal color" button and choose a color for your decal. The selection you make here will stay selected unless you change it. This is great when you want to order a lot of decals of the same color. You won't have to choose the color over and over again.
Light colors show best on glass or tinted windows. Black does not stand out well on glass at all!

3. Let me know to which color surface you will apply the decal (required): This will help me to make sure the decal will look great on the surface you will apply it. While 99% of all decal/sticker shops I have ever seen will just sell you the decal and not worry about it, this can make big a difference in how awesome the final result will be.

Here's a good example of why its matters:
decals on window glass

4. Reverese the image? (optional): If you want the decal to face the other way then use this option. The change will not show on the preview but will be applied to the final product. If your ordering 2 of the same design and want one reversed you can add the first one to your shopping cart then navigate back here and select this option, then add the second one to your cart.

4. Add some text (optional): Use this option to add some text to your decal. This option adds a little to the price. NOTE!The most important thing to note is that the added text is added on to the size of decal you choose. If you chose a 8x8 inch decal the decal will be the 8x8 plus the size of the text. ALSO NOTE! added text will usually span the width of the decal. See samples below. For more custom options you can order the text as a separate decal on our custom text creation page.

custom text added to decals example

5. Quantity (default set at one): If you want more than one of this design with the same options selected then this option is for you. Big discounts for quantity. When setting the quantity here this item will show up as 1 pack of (x) numbers of decals in your shopping cart.

  • 2 Decals - 10% off
  • 3 Decals - 12% off
  • 4 Decals - 15% off
  • 5 Decals - 17% off
  • 6 Decals - 20% off
  • 7 Decals - 22% off
  • 8 Decals - 25% off
  • 9 Decals - 27% off
  • 10 and up - 30% off!

6. Review your selected options and add your selection to your shopping cart. EASY!

See the FAQ for a lot more.

Also see decal instructions and application videos.

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The Grafix Filename:
Alien Drink N Smoke_ G D G Vinyl Decal

 Alien Drink N Smoke_ G D G Decal Proportional
details about this decal

Alien Drink N Smoke_ G D G: This is a Full Intensity Grafx Original Design drawn by Joe Mendi. It can be made in a regular size or larger. See the pricing page for details about regular die-cut vinyl decals.

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Default size:

6.5 inches tall
5.2 inches wide

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Choose a color for your vinyl decal.

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Please let me know to what color surface you will apply the decal. Since the decals have no background this helps me to design your decal to look best for your application.

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If you would like your decal to face the other direction, then this option is for you.

reversed image?

Add some text on top or below this decal.
(adds a little to price)

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You are currently ordering 1 decal of the design shown.
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